Sunday, May 4, 2008

What is 3D animation?

Being educated in 3D animation can open various filed like film , software etc for making career. Bureau of Labor Statistics yearly reports reveals that 3D animation expending opportunities in USA.
What is 3D animation?
Process of making characters or even computer OBJECTS (IN oops) like that they move and generate desired action. In comparison to 2d animation 3D animation image, we are able to see different angle and move around and became observable from all the angles ., like we are watching real life live objects . It’s a very new technology in comparison of currently existing technology and as 3D animation movie or even small part of movie can take time and many 3D animator help that’s why more and more 3D animator get job and work in our field . Basically person who are interested in making career in entertainment , video game industries 3D animation is best option for these people . In Real estate industry also much opportunity exist for 3D animation because now the planning of the city , building are also makes by 3D animation such that thee attract more and more people . Besides that you have technology capability and specialization in video graphics and special effects but besides that it require person own artistic talent and creativity.
Because competition exists for such positions, one who specializes in more than area of animation, demonstrating greater job flexibility, may have a greater chance of landing a higher paying job. College, universities, and technical schools offer a variety of courses in animation, graphic design or computer programming designed to prepare one for the animation, video graphics, and special effects industry. Earning a higher education, whether it is just taking individual courses or pursuing a certificate or degree program, may be beneficial for one's future career options.
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