Thursday, August 4, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #18 Ratatouille

Tej Kohli animation carrer blog is back with another fantastic movie which sits pretty at the position 18. Read on to know what makes this movie so special at Tej Kohli blog.

No one in his wildest dreams would have imagined that an animated movie would have us all drooling over the delectable french cuisine.

The central character of the movie Remy, was not on some princess rescue or on a mission to save the world, but was the world's first Foodie hero. As a Parisian rat who refused to uphold the family tradition of eating garbage and moving around in filth. Remy is the epitome of what Pixar is good at, creating anxious, yet daring, oddball. Add in some bright colors, some kitchen accidents and an unusual friendship over a simmering flame and the world's greatest equalizer food, the outcome is a the beautiful story about finding one's place in the world of harsh realities.

One tiny bite of this amazing feast and you'll be instantly transported back to your childhood; when things made sense and the world was still filled with wonder.

Tej Kohli is an expert writer with a special focus on 2D and 3D animation! Stay tuned to Tej Kohli blog for the next flick on our countdown. Any guesses?

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