Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #15 How to Train Your Dragon

Tej Kohli animation blog presents the 15th movie on its top 25 list. Taking this spot, is the very popular movie, Finding Nemo. Read on to know what makes this movie stand out only at Tej Kohli blog.

This movie changed the belief that fish are friends not food. At times, we are not out-rightly impressed with the stunt voice casting. Its not unusual to see celebrities showing up in animated flicks these days. They do their own voices and put the more talented, voice actors out of work. But in a very few films like this one, celebrity voices actually help shape the movie and storyline, while turning it into something wonderful and impressive. Finding Nemo takes you on an exciting journey with Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres, who will make you laugh all the way through what is eventually a serious story.

Nemo is a little orange clown fish, the only kid of his father. And as we've seen in many other animated pictures on animal kingdom, it is a jungle out there (in this case, a vast ocean). This movie saw Pixar at its creative best as they created an underwater world so vast and beautiful that one really couldn't imagine how Marlin would ever find Nemo. But the treatment of the story and unfolding of the events is so well put that you will actually become a part of their journey.

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