Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #15 How to Train Your Dragon

Tej Kohli animation blog presents the 15th movie on its top 25 list. Taking this spot, is the very popular movie, Finding Nemo. Read on to know what makes this movie stand out only at Tej Kohli blog.

This movie changed the belief that fish are friends not food. At times, we are not out-rightly impressed with the stunt voice casting. Its not unusual to see celebrities showing up in animated flicks these days. They do their own voices and put the more talented, voice actors out of work. But in a very few films like this one, celebrity voices actually help shape the movie and storyline, while turning it into something wonderful and impressive. Finding Nemo takes you on an exciting journey with Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres, who will make you laugh all the way through what is eventually a serious story.

Nemo is a little orange clown fish, the only kid of his father. And as we've seen in many other animated pictures on animal kingdom, it is a jungle out there (in this case, a vast ocean). This movie saw Pixar at its creative best as they created an underwater world so vast and beautiful that one really couldn't imagine how Marlin would ever find Nemo. But the treatment of the story and unfolding of the events is so well put that you will actually become a part of their journey.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #16 How to Train Your Dragon

Tej Kohli list of best animation movies comes up with another remarkable movie to have found a place here at our blog.

Some may despise us for listing such a recent movie in the Tej Kohli's list of best animation movies ever, but this countdown could go no further without mentioning it. How to Train Your Dragon is undoubtedly one of the best movies in the recent few years, animated or otherwise.

DreamWorks has offered a slew of successful computer-animated films since Shrek and several others. But Dragon is an exception, as it is the first movie by Dreamworks that has a "Pixar feel." By this we intend to say that it worked on several levels, besides being just funny.

The movie portrays the story of Hiccup, a weird kid trying to fit into the Viking society he was a part of. The movie benefits from some great humour, but also has some heart touching moments, especially where Hiccup bonds with Toothless, one of the Dragon's that are the long time enemies of his community. This movie depicts a beautiful emotional journey which leaves a lifetime impact on viewers.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #17 The Lion King

Tej Kohli animation career blog's list of best animation movies continues with another popular movie taking 17 spot on the chart.

Read what makes The Lion King one of the Disney's best work even after 17 years, at Tej Kohli blog.

Lion King was one of the trendsetter movies in the Disney era. Released during the early 1990s, Lion King turned out to be a huge hit and became one of the highest revenue earning traditionally animated film ever released.

Even 17 years later Simba, Scar and Mufasa are household names thanks to the enormous popularity of the sequels, songs and Broadway plays and everything that has been inspired by the movie. But who would have thought back in 1994 that all the characters would become some of the Disney's most popular creations.

The movie showcases Simba's Journey to adulthood, retribution, and taking up his rightful place as the lion king. While, there is nothing new about the story, but the content has been delivered very effectively. While the movie was full of Disney's cliches like tragic origin, comic animal sidekicks, lessons in life, it works amazingly well, perhaps because the of the unique vibe given the proceedings by the artists' African landscapes and the fantastic music by composers Elton John and Tim Rice. Combining tried and true concepts with new and interesting angles - call it the Disney Circle of Life.

Tej Kohli suggests you to also watch the 3D version of the movie which has recently been released this year. For more movies keeping coming back to Tej Kohli blog.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #18 Ratatouille

Tej Kohli animation carrer blog is back with another fantastic movie which sits pretty at the position 18. Read on to know what makes this movie so special at Tej Kohli blog.

No one in his wildest dreams would have imagined that an animated movie would have us all drooling over the delectable french cuisine.

The central character of the movie Remy, was not on some princess rescue or on a mission to save the world, but was the world's first Foodie hero. As a Parisian rat who refused to uphold the family tradition of eating garbage and moving around in filth. Remy is the epitome of what Pixar is good at, creating anxious, yet daring, oddball. Add in some bright colors, some kitchen accidents and an unusual friendship over a simmering flame and the world's greatest equalizer food, the outcome is a the beautiful story about finding one's place in the world of harsh realities.

One tiny bite of this amazing feast and you'll be instantly transported back to your childhood; when things made sense and the world was still filled with wonder.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #19 Sleeping Beauty

Tej Kohli animation movies list brings the next contender - Sleeping Beauty. Read its review as written by Tej Kohli.

Sleeping beauty was last of the classic animated fairy tales produced by Walt Disney himself. Released in 1959, the film initially bombed at the box office, but over time came to be known as one of the finest and most beloved film of the Disney's golden era. This is the studio's most iconic work with jaunty creatures, a beautiful princess, an evil sorcerers and a handsome prince on a white steed.

Full of vibrant colours, contemporary designs, and music based on the Tchaikovsky ballet, this film has nothing common in looks and sounds than any of the films that came earlier. The clean hand painted cells, which seems inspired by the medieval art offer a stylized look and a vibrant palette filled with bizarre combination of violet, green, ochre, indigo and fuchsia. The final climactic battle between Prince Phillip and Maleficent in the form of a gigantic dragon remains one of the most beautiful and thrilling sequences ever animated.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #20 My Neighbor Totoro

Here is another movie in our top 25 list!

Tej Kohli list of best animation movies ever shares another interesting movie which should be part of every animation lovers' library. In this post Tej Kohli talks about the 20th best animation movie My Neighbor Totoro!

My Neighbor Totoro is one of the earlier animation films by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli and even 22 years later is still considered one of their best creations.

The movie narrates the story of two sisters who move to the countryside in the post war Japan. There they come across a forest full of imaginative critters, and a large protective spirit named Totoro. As with most Miyazaki's movies, the film shows the journey of clash of childhood innocence and the beginning of adulthood and other other harsh realities associated to it.

Totoro does justice to both these aspects with its bright, vibrant visuals and its denial to submit to the old storytelling methods that derail so many Hollywood animations. If you are a fan of Miyazaki's films or even animation in general, you cannot afford to give this movie a miss.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #21 The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Tej Kohli animation career blog brings another addition to his list of best animation movies ever. Taking the 21st spot is The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Read on to know what makes this movie special and deserving of this spot at Tej Kohli Blog.

Imagine what will you get when you combine the unique film making talents of writer-directors Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach - arguable their best work, though with a brief moments of very old-school, fun stop-motion animation.

The fantastic Mr. Fox, is based on novel by Roald Dahl, has George Clooney lending his voice to the titular character, a columnist who relapses to his sly, chicken coop robbing roots to feed his family when three big corporate chicken farmers threaten to tear down Fox and Friends' home. Despite being set isin a very basic environment, the content and interplay between the characters is very inspiring, witty and entertaining. The characters, made of art and craft supplies, feel more alive than most live-action characters. And Anderson and Baumbach, operating outside of their usual wheelhouse governed by all-too-smart, upper-class people with upper-class problems, seem to bring out the best in each other here, giving the film many opportunities to be one of the most underrated films of 2009.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #22 Ghost In the Shell

Tej Kohli blog presents another movie on its top animation movies ever list. Read on to know what this movie is all about at Tej Kohli blog.

A feature length film by Mamoru Oshii, Ghost in the Shell is adapted from the manga by Masamune Shirow. This helped kick off a massive, worldwide franchise including several sequences, a few TV series, video games, novels, toys and more. Directors of the sorts of James Cameron has praised it, the Wachowski brothers have confessed it as being a key influence on The Matrix and a Steven Spielberg produced live-action film which is currently under production.

The movie is basically a crime thriller set in the future, says Tej Kohli. The 1985 film revolves around cyborg security officer Major Motoko Kusanagi, who sets out on the trial of a criminal hacker called Puppet Master. The film explores such deep, existential themes as the nature of identity and what it is that makes us human.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #23 Fantasia

Fantasia is another fantastic animated movie on the 23rd spot at Tej Kohli's best animated movies ever list. Read on to know what makes this movie stand out amid the rest at Tej Kohli blog.

While many animation lovers gives this picture the top most spot on their list, we have not kept it on the top. Agreed that it is Walt Disney's ultimate creation, piece de resistance and great stuff, but let's face it, it can also be kind of boring at times, cheesy at others and dated in the worst way here or there. Thanks to the unicorns (and not to forget the baby unicorns), says Tej Kohli.

But, despite the flaws, there is still a lot of things to appreciate in the movie, even 70 years later since it was released. Some high points of the movie are sequences like the climactic 'night on bald mountain', featuring the awesome demon creature Chernabog. The movie is episodic, most non-narrative and is set out to various pieces of classical music. Even technically, the movie has got no parallels. Its animation is still rated among the best ever created.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #24 Metropolis

Tej Kohli series of best animated movies ever gives the 24th spot to the classic animated movie Metropolis. Read what makes this movie special at Tej Kohli blog.

One of the true classics of the silent era Fritz Lang's Metropolis, is still considered a classic among animated films.

Released in 2001, movie is an adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's manga series, which itself adapted Lang's film. The animation showcases a conflict between societal classes, but also offers a very personal exploration of what is the significance of Human life. The movie is replete with fantastic visuals and pure, uncontrolled imagination. Even today, metropolis certainly holds a strong position against classics of the sorts of Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #25 Batman: The Mask Of Phantasm

Tej Kohli animation career blog begins a new series of posts on the Top 25 animation movies ever made. In this post Tej Kohli has talked about a Batman movie, which changed the face of animation. The list will go on as more movies will be discussed in the upcoming posts, in an ascending order of popularity.

Long before the batman begins hit the theaters, this animated flick was the Dark Knight's best big screen movie. And some still argue that it is the best movie ever made.

Movie revolves around Bruce Wayne's past as Batman must stop a new rouge, Phantasm from killing Gotham's local mob population. The perpetrator and the crimes are related to Bruce's first and perhaps the last shot at true love, a relationship he was ready to leave the cowl for, it it meant a happy life.

Tragedy follows batman like a shadow, and when you add Mark Hamill's Joker into the story, the end product is one of the most dramatically satisfying films DC has ever made. Tej Kohli says the Phantasm is a wonderful nemesis, and when he removes the mask the reveal is both astonishing and justified. The climax of the film is set at an abandoned Gotham World Fair ground is outrightly epic and extremely violent, thanks for joker challenging batman to the fight for his life. Every character evil or good is connected by an event in their past. The movie completely exploits the outcomes of that event, especially the impact it has on Bruce.

With his films, Nolan nailed who the Dark Knight is. But Phantasm did it first.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tej Kohli Explains the 3D Cartoon Making Process

Tej Kohli animation blog shares some useful tips to help you draw a 3D cartoon. Here's the complete tutorial by Tej Kohli.

Drawing a 3D cartoon involves shading or drawing in the dark areas. Suppose your back is facing the sun, then your front will be shaded. Rendering or shading a 2D cartoon adds depth to it and makes it appear like a 3D drawing.

To start drawing a 3D cartoon all you need is a drawing paper, a drawing pencil and few colored drawing pencils.

1. As with any drawing, the first step in a 3D drawing is to decide what to draw. After picking up a object, example a stuffed toy, a tree or a car, make a line drawing of it. Start with a lighter hand first and do the necessary corrections if required. Then, darken the contours using a darker pencil like ebony.

2. Second step , says Tej Kohli is to decide what color the body of the object will be. Color the object in.

3. Place the object in a lighted area and find the shadows. Draw the shadows with a darker shade of the original color you used to color your character's body and head. Render directional shadows using the side of your pencil. Darken an edges, lighten the shadow as it moves toward the light source. If you are using a soft lead pencil, smear with your fingers to make the shadows smoother.

4. When drawing a human character, use a darker shade of the color used for his clothes and skin. On the other hand, if you are drawing an animal you would need only one original color.

5. Create a portfolio of characters and scan them into your computer and print your comic characters.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tej Kohli Explains How to Format a Script for an Animated Series

Tej Kohli animation blog is a useful resource for all animation enthusiasts. In this article Tej Kohli has discussed some useful tips to help animators format a script for an animated series.

There is no difference between writing a script for animation and writing a live-action script. The format of both these scripts remain pretty much the same. To format a screenplay or script you can use various word processing programs such as word, but nowadays a variety of screenplay formatting programs are available that makes this process easier and seamless. There is a standard format for a screenplay or script that is accepted industry-wise. If you want to deliver a professional looking, quality and finished script, you would certainly need a properly formatted screenplay.

Tej Kohli offers some handy tips for the writers and animators.

1. Write an outline : Figure out the duration of the episode or the animated movie you are making. Then start writing an outline that summarizes the primary high and low points in the plot. Then, develop story points to 'beats' that are central to the plot of the movie. Weave the story around these beats.

2. Write about the characters : A common practice that a lot of screenplay writers do is to develop their characters by using a technique called back story. Back story gives a basic idea about the characters and helps a writer imagine how and why characters act and react. These stories helps the writers understand why a character reacts in a particular way. This helps the writer to take the story forward.

3. Determine action sequences using outline: A characteristic difference between animation script and a live action script is in the use of action. An animated script is full of action since the animated characters can be put in rather perilous situations than live-action actors. While an action sequence is written very clearly and concisely, an animator uses the script as a blueprint to develop the action sequences.

4. Write dialogues: Dialogues, like in live-action scripts, helps to take the story further. However, live action scripts can proceed slowly than animated ones as live actors can interpret their parts as they interpret their character. Whereas, an animation script moves faster as it is the essence of animation to keep things, characters and situations moving. As most animation characters talk in short, quick sentences, it is important that the dialogues are sharp, quick and snappy. Avoid writing long speeches.

5. Rewrite : Once you have completed the first draft, leave it for a while. Then, with a fresh mid, review the script for movement, action and dialogue. If there is any action sequence which is not clear and concise, rewrite it. Cut the dialogues short if need be. And remember to correct typos, if any.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Information on 3D Animation Courses - Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli animation Career blog brings you another useful piece of information on 3D animation. In this post Tej Kohli has discussed about the leading Animation programs and colleges around the world.

3D animation is a creative, hi-tech animation profession which requires specialized 3D animation programs. These programs are designed to train and educate students on how to create 3D animation effects and arrange them together to tell a story. These programs educate students on how to create 3D animation movies and other small projects. These animation programs are pretty much available in almost every country and typically last for as little as a few months to a full degree four year course.

Tej Kohli enlists some of the most influential animation schools in the world:

New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy allows students to choose from three options in the 3D animation programs. These options vary from a three-week program, to a four-week program and a full one year program. The classes for three-week animation program are held everyday during the week and teaches students the basic principles of animation. The four-week program option is for students who can't dedicate a complete year but want to learn the 3D animation basics on a hi-tech computer software. The one year program, on the other hand, is an all-encompassing program that goes a step ahead by training students on using the technical and artistic tools in 3D animation.

Vancouver Film School

Vancouver film school offers a one year animation program in 3D animation and visual effects. Students may choose pursue any one of the three specialization areas i.e. 3D animation, modeling and visual effects. Students will be awarded a diploma upon the completion of this program. This program covers a variety of subjects including history of animation, classical animation, 3D animation, concept development, story telling and digital compositing.

Cogswell Polytechnic College

Congswell Polytechnic college runs a program in digital art and animation that awards a Bachelor in Arts degree to students upon completion. Students may choose from four major specialization areas including 3D animation, entertainment design, game development and modeling. The 3D animation option offer courses like introduction to 3D animation, animation principles, character rigging, drawing animation and 2D animation.


Mildred-Elley's School of Digital Media Arts allows students to pursue a game design and 3D animation program. This program has two options – an undergraduate certificate or an associate's degree. Students can take classes either during the day, evening or on weekends and can complete their degree in as few as 16 months. Course covers drawing for digital media, 3D modeling, animation techniques, 3D character modeling and advanced 3D character rigging and animation.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tej Kohli's Free Tools for Creating 3D Characters

Tej Kohli animation career blog helps 3D beginners to learn the basics of 3D animation with the simple guides and tutorials by Tej Kohli. In this article Tej Kohli talks about some FREE tools for making 3D characters which animators can use.

In the recent times, movies like Dreamworks's 'Shrek' series and Pixar's 'Toy Story' films have motivated a lot of people to try to develop 3d characters of their own. However, the computer hardware and software required to make such characters are very expensive. Fortunately, a developing open source software clan and a reasonably priced, high end computer hardware has made it accessible for anyone willing to put in his time and effort.

  • Blender – A free, open source software, Blender offers a huge range of features that are enough to create an ideal 3-D character. The package includes modeling, sculpting, rigging and rendering features, including skeleton creation with polygon meshes, and UV maps. Blender also let artists to add animation effects to their characters. Furthermore, its compatibility with all leading OS makes Blender an attractive free choice amongst animators.

  • Anim8or – It is another popular open-source program which is also free. However, Amim8or doesn't have some of the more advanced features of blender. But, it has all the functionalities required to create a 3D characters including primitives for structure building, splines for curvature and texture effects. Images can be exported in various standard image formats like .JPG and .BMP. It also has animation options.

  • 3D canvas – Created by Amabilis, 3D canvas is available in both a free version and two, more sophisticated pay versions. While the free version provides basic introduction to 3D modeling and animation. The features include 3D primitives, real-time rendering, background images and splines.

  • DAZ Studio 3 – Basically developed for 3D character modeling, DAZ Studio 3 also comes in free and paid versions. Aimed at beginners, the free version also features the drag and drop functionality. It also comes with photo realistic and cartoon rendering options, primitives and background images. The make the character creation simpler, the software also provides free pre-made 3D models and accessories

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tej Kohli Explains How to Create Animated 3D Models and 3D Movie Scenes

Tej Kohli animation career blog is back with another easy to understand tutorial on how to create animated 3D model and make 3D movie scenes. Read the complete guide below on Tej Kohli Blog.
Creating 3D movie scenes with animated models is something that artists make with design software like Blender or Maya. These programs come equipped with functions for making 3D scene's models and generating series of animated images embracing those models. The first thing than an artist must create when making a 3D movie is its model and environment. This may involve exhaustive research and groundwork into prior related artwork. With proper research artists are able to create authentic models, for example the Titanic Ship model in the movie Titanic. Advantages of creating 3D scenes with models are many but most important is the personal satisfaction of creating a world out of your own imagination.

1. To begin, open a 3D design & animation program on your computer. Then click the 'create' or 'draw' in the menu. This step starts a procedure that will bring out a 3D scene demonstrating a ball bouncing into a basket. It is a sample project which will introduce you to various concepts and procedures you can execute while making other animated scenes.

2. Under the 'create' menu, click the 'box' item. Then click and drag in the 'perspective' viewport to create the box's base. Once the box fills the view-port's screen, release the mouse and slightly drag upwards to form the box's height. After this click to finish the box. You have created a ground model on which the ball will bounce.

3. Start creating the ball by clicking on the 'sphere' item under the 'create' menu. Then click and drag anywhere atop the ground you created in the last step to create the ball. Release the mouse once the ball has reached its ideal size.
Tej Kohli has a keen interest in 3D animation, despite not taking it as a full time career.

4. Click the 'create' menu's 'cylinder' item. Click and drag on the ground model an a position opposite to that of the ball. This action will ascertain the cylinder's base. To grow the cylinder's height, release the mouse and drag upwards. Click again to complete the cylinder.

5. Next, select the 'animation' menu heading and then click the 'make keyframe' function under it. This action will generate a frame of the 3D movie. The software will automatically calculate the movie frames between your key-frames to complete the movie.

6. Keep dragging the animation time slider at the bottom of your screen until it frame counter reads '50'. Movie's current frame advances with this action and enables artist to create a new keyframe.

7. Select the ball and then click you 'Modify' menu's 'move' command. This command allows you to move 3D models. Then drag the ball in upward direction and little towards the cylinder. Then create another keyframe as instructed in step 5.

8. Drag the animation time slider to frame 100, then move the ball back down to the ground, and slightly closer to the basket. Make another keyframe.

9. Repeat this cycle of increasing the animation time slider by 50 frames, moving the ball toward the basket's top, then making a keyframe. Once the ball has reached the basket, continue to the next step.

10. Click the "Animation" menu's "Preview" command to view the ball bouncing into the basket.
11. Click the "Render" menu's "Render animation" command to produce a more realistically shaded version of the completed animated scene.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tej Kohli Answers Who Invented 3D Animation

Tej Kohli animation Career help blog brings another informative piece of article on who invented 3D animation. Find out who contributed to the evolution of 3d with Tej Kohli.

When someone asks me who invented 3D animation, I simply reply that there is no one person responsible for creation of 3D animation. Instead, it is an outcome of the combined efforts of various innovators, artists and advancements in the field of technology.

Advent of Computer Art
"Computer graphics in the olden days were clunky and difficult to create", says Tej Kohli. Users had to produce their computer art by inputting complicated mathematical equations and coordinates. It was after Ivan Sutherland's created the Sketchpad software in 1961 that caused computer graphics to take off. This program allowed users to use a light pen to actually draw images for a computer to replicate. His software became the inspiration for much of the computer graphics software we use today.

Digitalization of the world
Thomas knoll created Adobe Photoshop as a simple photo editing tool, but by the early nineties a lot of magazines advertising agencies and film studies started using Photoshop and Illustrator to produce their mass market images. This led to the growth of these softwares and paved way for 3d Animation says Tej Kohli.

Disney Goes Digital
Disney ruled the 2D animation industry until the late 10930s and was at its peak during the 1980s. During what was known as Disney renaissance, animators looked for new ways to make their movies different. They began to animate more detailed elements using 2D animation software.

Full Digital Movies
Disney people searched for cost- and time- effective techniques to churn out more of their immensely lucrative films per year. A company called Graphics Group launched a computer system that allowed animators to automate the laborious ink and coloring parts of the process. With the release of "Pocahantas" in 1995, Disney became the first animation studio to use this computer process for a complete film.

John Lasseter, an employee at the Graphics Group, created 3-D short animation films to help sell their products. These short films gained so much attention that Disney and the Graphics Group (renamed Pixar) teamed up to release "Toy Story" in 1995. The film was a success and proved to cost less and take less time than producing 2-D animated films. Pixar's subsequent film releases, and those of other animation studios, proved that 3-D would be the future of animation.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tej Kohli's Facts About 3D Animators

Tej Kohli blog for Animation Career help shares another informative article by Tej Kohli, stating some facts about 3D animation.
As the computer technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, 3D animation has branched out into many sub-fields like gaming, cinema, advertising, engineering and education. To cope with the ever-increasing demand, several companies are innovating new 3D animation programs of various complexities and secondary educational institutes are offering courses in various niches related to this field.

History : its was in the 1980s when 3D computer animation picked up popularity with music videos like 'Money for nothing' by Dire Straits and movies like 'Tron'. The demand for 3D animators has only grown since then and has become the foundation of numerous companies and businesses.

Functions : Disney's “Toy Story”was the first ever feature film in 3D. Following the suit, many other companies also released a number of super-hit 3D animation features, movies and television shows. Apart from movies and television, 3D animation has become the backbone of gaming industry ever since the 32- bit gaming systems where introduced in the market. In addition to entertainment, professional industries like engineering, aerospace, mechanical engineering and architecture have come to rely heavily on the 3D animation for design and stimulation purposes.
Tej Kohli is an active blogger and a successful entrepreneur who is on a mission to hep those who wants to launch a succcessful career in the animation field. Tej Kohli blog is a repository of useful articles to help you shape your career path in animation industry.

Education: Most of the basicas most skills that a 3D animator must possess are almost same for both entertainment and other industries. In general parlance, 3D animation has become synonymous to the 'game design'. As most renowned universities tend to focus more on game design aspect of 3D, it is usually a wiser decision for an animator to opt for best game design programs over anything else.
Tools : Nowadays, there are plethora of 3D animation software available in the market vying for users at various skill levels. Some of the these programs emphasize on actual animation of people, animals, machine and other moving creatures, others focus on 3D illustration of backdrops.
Benefits : As 3D animators are still in a huge demand, if you complete your course from a reputed university chances are that you might fetch a high paying job ranging from $40,000 to $60,000 a year. Luckily, if your project becomes a hit, you can start making six figures per year.
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