Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tej Kohli Tips on How To Draw a 3D animals

Tej Kohli blog brings some more useful tips to help you create those basic 3D layouts. Read more and learn more with Tej Kohli Animation Career Help Blog.

By adding 3D characteristics and elements to your design you can make them appear more realistic and jump off the page. Incorporating these elements is easy and even children can use these techniques to enhance their simple line drawings to add depth to the animals and make them stand out of the backdrops. The first rule of thumb in 3D drawings is always draw in pencil, as it makes it easier to add shading and rectify the mistakes. However, once the basic drawing is ready, it can be later enhanced with colors.

  1. Shading in the portion of animals creates depth. Rendering with a light color makes an object look closer while a darker color makes it look distant. For example, because the nose of the dog protrudes out, if drawing illustrates a dog's face head on, his nose area would be lighter than its cheeks and forehead.

  2. Adding shadows will make animal pop put from its background. After deciding what direction the light would fall from, make all the shadows uniform. Given that the sun were directly in front f the animal, the shadow would fall behind it. Alternatively, if the light is coming from the left, the shadow would be slanted towards the right.

  3. Instead of rendering the flat lines, add views from the side and back angles. For example, you may add a slanted line alongside the outline of the animal's leg to create a rounded limb. By showing a slight view of the side of the leg other than the front makes the limb emerge from the plain and give drawing a 3D quality.

  4. Use proportion to help the animal stand out. If the head of the horse is facing towards the front and body is extended behind it, the front legs should be slightly larger than the hind legs since they are father from the view.

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