Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tej Kohli: Books on Animation

Tej Kohli shares a collection of his most favourite books on 3D Animation.

Animating Real-Time Game Charactersby Paul Steed
The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression
by Gary Faigin
Horses and Other Animals in Motion
by Eadweard Muybridge
Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion (Volumes 1-4)
by Eadweard Muybridge
Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques (Encyclopedia of Art Series)
The Animation : Master Handbook
by Jeff Paries
Character Animation in Depth
by Doug Kelly
3-D Human Modeling and Animation
by Peter Ratner, Pe Ratner
Effective Web Animation : Advanced Techniques for the Web
by J. Scott Hamlin
Animation 101
by Ernest Pintoff

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Career in Animation

Animation gives various opportunity and roles in various industry. Indians who are seeking for a career in Animation is be good news that wings of Animation creator now expended into various field and its be new era phenomena for showing something new. The techniques for making new design also increased and now it’s embedding various media s for interacting real world. Animation is now limited only for making career in only software or even IT industry but films production , advertisement , television, the Internet, CD-ROM production, as well as product design/visualization, architecture, and interior design. Various roles and various departments in various have been made for recruiting animation professionals.
Different color Animation professionals

2-D Animator
Its be old fashioned but still exist because there are various area in which 2-D animation plays significant role and most important thing is that its be foundation of modern 3-D animation. 2-D animation professional can work animation, character design, clean-up, doping, modeling, slugging, and storyboarding.

3-D Animator
Various tools and software are in the market which plays significant role while designing and modeling character. 3-D animation gives the life of the charter. Now moving object just like real world people. Tools which help for making 3-D animation are PhotoShop, SoftImage, Alias/Wavefront, Maya, and others.s

Storyboard Artist
One of the challenging opportunity grown now are the days are Storyboard Artist. Basically these are the guys who interpret scripts to create storyboard. Work include are as planning shots, visualizing the story before drawing it, and being careful to maintain continuity among the shots. Storyboard Artist works many times as cutting, pasting, drawing, sketching perspective and composition. Story idea and screen play are the few part of role model that our Storyboard Artist plays many times .
Layout Artist
Layout Artist works for making the ideas for animation creation by rendering background layout for every scene. Basically they prefer Storyboard and other research for creating things. Such type of layouts are not in final production but