Sunday, May 25, 2008

3D Animation Glossary : B

Beauty Pass : Beauty pass is one the scene that features most significant information about objects , when rendering multiple passes of the scene. It contain main full-coloring
rendering of those objects, including diffuse illumination and does not having any significance with reflections, highlights, and shadows, which are usually separate passes.
Bit Depth: Bit is the smallest unit for storing object in memory , A 1 bit image is Black and white , 8 bit image provide 256 color palette, 24-Bit provides 16.7 million color that also called true color . A 32-bit image provides the same palette, plus an 8-bit greyscale alpha channel. So Bit Depth is nothing but “number of bits used to define shade or color of each pixel with in an image.
Bitmap : An image arranged accordingly to bit location in columns. Resolution of a PostScript file processed through a RIP will have a bitmap image with the characteristics and resolution of the particular output device (for example, laser printer at 300 upto 1200dpi, imagesetters at 1270dpi upto 5080dpi).
Blinn :Shading.
Blue screen Footage :Its can be defined as live footage shot against with single backdrop color (either green or blue) with a view to composition it into computer generated background. Every pixel with the same color value as the backdrop is replaced by CG image.
Bone: Rigid object similar to real bone which is placed inside the ‘skeleton’ of
a character during the process of rigging it for animation Bone movement acts upon the mesh
of the character model, deforming it.

Boolean : In the animation terminology Boolean is nothing but making an object , combining two objects with mathematical operators. The operation which are applied on that objects are subtraction , merging or even intersection of two objects.
Bounding Box : Smallest regular shaped box which enclosed a 3D object usually rectangular in shape .
Bump Map : 3D software package used a black and white image to simulate three dimensional detail of on the surface of an object . When projected over the surface of the object, parts of the surface beneath white areas of the image are raised; those beneath black
areas are depressed. Bump mapping is purely a rendering effect, however, and does not affect the underlying geometry of the model.
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