Thursday, August 21, 2008

3D Animation Glossary : I

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Lets keep your Knowledge up with Tej Kohli 3D Animation Glossary , words starting with Letter ‘I”
Image-Based Lighting : While we are creating real time lighting effects to control the surface illumination of 3D object , a technique is used to map the reference image to environment image which is called as Image Based Lightening.
In-betweening : While an artists generating two keyframes , then he has to generate intermediate transitions between two . Which is drawn from traditional cel animation , in which artist have to make start and end keyframs of a sequence (typically one second apart), a breakdown artist does the breakdowns (typically four frames apart), and an ‘in-between’ completes the rest.

Interpolation : While 3D software packages calculating in between positions between two keyframs a mathematical procedure is used is called Interpolation .
Inverse Kinematics : Often abbreviated to IK, Inverse Kinematics is a character animationtechnique in which the end bone of a chain - for example, a limb – is assigned a goal object. When the goal object moves, the bone moves with it, dragging the rest of the chain behind it. The movement propagates from the free end of the chain towards the fixed point: the reverse of Forward Kinematics.

Isoparm : Lines on a NURBS surface connecting points of constant U or V co-ordinate
values, and representing crosssections of the NURBS surface in the U or V directions.
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