Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tej Kohli Explains the 3D Cartoon Making Process

Tej Kohli animation blog shares some useful tips to help you draw a 3D cartoon. Here's the complete tutorial by Tej Kohli.

Drawing a 3D cartoon involves shading or drawing in the dark areas. Suppose your back is facing the sun, then your front will be shaded. Rendering or shading a 2D cartoon adds depth to it and makes it appear like a 3D drawing.

To start drawing a 3D cartoon all you need is a drawing paper, a drawing pencil and few colored drawing pencils.

1. As with any drawing, the first step in a 3D drawing is to decide what to draw. After picking up a object, example a stuffed toy, a tree or a car, make a line drawing of it. Start with a lighter hand first and do the necessary corrections if required. Then, darken the contours using a darker pencil like ebony.

2. Second step , says Tej Kohli is to decide what color the body of the object will be. Color the object in.

3. Place the object in a lighted area and find the shadows. Draw the shadows with a darker shade of the original color you used to color your character's body and head. Render directional shadows using the side of your pencil. Darken an edges, lighten the shadow as it moves toward the light source. If you are using a soft lead pencil, smear with your fingers to make the shadows smoother.

4. When drawing a human character, use a darker shade of the color used for his clothes and skin. On the other hand, if you are drawing an animal you would need only one original color.

5. Create a portfolio of characters and scan them into your computer and print your comic characters.

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