Friday, August 19, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #17 The Lion King

Tej Kohli animation career blog's list of best animation movies continues with another popular movie taking 17 spot on the chart.

Read what makes The Lion King one of the Disney's best work even after 17 years, at Tej Kohli blog.

Lion King was one of the trendsetter movies in the Disney era. Released during the early 1990s, Lion King turned out to be a huge hit and became one of the highest revenue earning traditionally animated film ever released.

Even 17 years later Simba, Scar and Mufasa are household names thanks to the enormous popularity of the sequels, songs and Broadway plays and everything that has been inspired by the movie. But who would have thought back in 1994 that all the characters would become some of the Disney's most popular creations.

The movie showcases Simba's Journey to adulthood, retribution, and taking up his rightful place as the lion king. While, there is nothing new about the story, but the content has been delivered very effectively. While the movie was full of Disney's cliches like tragic origin, comic animal sidekicks, lessons in life, it works amazingly well, perhaps because the of the unique vibe given the proceedings by the artists' African landscapes and the fantastic music by composers Elton John and Tim Rice. Combining tried and true concepts with new and interesting angles - call it the Disney Circle of Life.

Tej Kohli suggests you to also watch the 3D version of the movie which has recently been released this year. For more movies keeping coming back to Tej Kohli blog.

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