Monday, May 12, 2008

Arena Animation Academy Specialist Program 2008 (AAASP 2008)

Animation and multimedia training giant Arena launched new stylist version of comprehensive 2.5 year high end supported Animation program, described as Arena Animation Academy Specialist Program 2008 (AAASP 2008), its now be latest complete 3D Animation Career Program. According to spokes person of the Arena that “the course is designed to meet industry specific needs and open the wide area for Animation professional after being trained with Arena Animation 2008 pack. According to officials “project based work in conjunction with theoretical and particle experience person can more elaborate their efforts to get what they really deserve in th Animation industry.
Says R Krishnan, Global Head, Arena Animation, “Arena Animation’s intensive course curriculum and experiential training is designed to give every student the competitive edge in the world of animation and make a great career in this new age industry. We are upgrading the course every year with the latest technological expertise so as to equip our students with the best of skills and make them valued members of this booming industry.”
Key feature of the AAASP 2008
1) Laddered learning
2) E-projects
3) Concept based modules
4) Industry Relevant curriculum
5) Upgraded version
The course which arena offered be 31-month , five semester 3D animation job oriented program . Its includes 3 session in week and each session must be 90 minute long. The eligibility for AAASP 2008 is that person have to be completed their class 12.

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