Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #16 How to Train Your Dragon

Tej Kohli list of best animation movies comes up with another remarkable movie to have found a place here at our blog.

Some may despise us for listing such a recent movie in the Tej Kohli's list of best animation movies ever, but this countdown could go no further without mentioning it. How to Train Your Dragon is undoubtedly one of the best movies in the recent few years, animated or otherwise.

DreamWorks has offered a slew of successful computer-animated films since Shrek and several others. But Dragon is an exception, as it is the first movie by Dreamworks that has a "Pixar feel." By this we intend to say that it worked on several levels, besides being just funny.

The movie portrays the story of Hiccup, a weird kid trying to fit into the Viking society he was a part of. The movie benefits from some great humour, but also has some heart touching moments, especially where Hiccup bonds with Toothless, one of the Dragon's that are the long time enemies of his community. This movie depicts a beautiful emotional journey which leaves a lifetime impact on viewers.

Tej Kohli blog will be back with more interesting movies, so stay tuned!

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