Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tej Kohli Answers Who Invented 3D Animation

Tej Kohli animation Career help blog brings another informative piece of article on who invented 3D animation. Find out who contributed to the evolution of 3d with Tej Kohli.

When someone asks me who invented 3D animation, I simply reply that there is no one person responsible for creation of 3D animation. Instead, it is an outcome of the combined efforts of various innovators, artists and advancements in the field of technology.

Advent of Computer Art
"Computer graphics in the olden days were clunky and difficult to create", says Tej Kohli. Users had to produce their computer art by inputting complicated mathematical equations and coordinates. It was after Ivan Sutherland's created the Sketchpad software in 1961 that caused computer graphics to take off. This program allowed users to use a light pen to actually draw images for a computer to replicate. His software became the inspiration for much of the computer graphics software we use today.

Digitalization of the world
Thomas knoll created Adobe Photoshop as a simple photo editing tool, but by the early nineties a lot of magazines advertising agencies and film studies started using Photoshop and Illustrator to produce their mass market images. This led to the growth of these softwares and paved way for 3d Animation says Tej Kohli.

Disney Goes Digital
Disney ruled the 2D animation industry until the late 10930s and was at its peak during the 1980s. During what was known as Disney renaissance, animators looked for new ways to make their movies different. They began to animate more detailed elements using 2D animation software.

Full Digital Movies
Disney people searched for cost- and time- effective techniques to churn out more of their immensely lucrative films per year. A company called Graphics Group launched a computer system that allowed animators to automate the laborious ink and coloring parts of the process. With the release of "Pocahantas" in 1995, Disney became the first animation studio to use this computer process for a complete film.

John Lasseter, an employee at the Graphics Group, created 3-D short animation films to help sell their products. These short films gained so much attention that Disney and the Graphics Group (renamed Pixar) teamed up to release "Toy Story" in 1995. The film was a success and proved to cost less and take less time than producing 2-D animated films. Pixar's subsequent film releases, and those of other animation studios, proved that 3-D would be the future of animation.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tej Kohli's Facts About 3D Animators

Tej Kohli blog for Animation Career help shares another informative article by Tej Kohli, stating some facts about 3D animation.
As the computer technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, 3D animation has branched out into many sub-fields like gaming, cinema, advertising, engineering and education. To cope with the ever-increasing demand, several companies are innovating new 3D animation programs of various complexities and secondary educational institutes are offering courses in various niches related to this field.

History : its was in the 1980s when 3D computer animation picked up popularity with music videos like 'Money for nothing' by Dire Straits and movies like 'Tron'. The demand for 3D animators has only grown since then and has become the foundation of numerous companies and businesses.

Functions : Disney's “Toy Story”was the first ever feature film in 3D. Following the suit, many other companies also released a number of super-hit 3D animation features, movies and television shows. Apart from movies and television, 3D animation has become the backbone of gaming industry ever since the 32- bit gaming systems where introduced in the market. In addition to entertainment, professional industries like engineering, aerospace, mechanical engineering and architecture have come to rely heavily on the 3D animation for design and stimulation purposes.
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Education: Most of the basicas most skills that a 3D animator must possess are almost same for both entertainment and other industries. In general parlance, 3D animation has become synonymous to the 'game design'. As most renowned universities tend to focus more on game design aspect of 3D, it is usually a wiser decision for an animator to opt for best game design programs over anything else.
Tools : Nowadays, there are plethora of 3D animation software available in the market vying for users at various skill levels. Some of the these programs emphasize on actual animation of people, animals, machine and other moving creatures, others focus on 3D illustration of backdrops.
Benefits : As 3D animators are still in a huge demand, if you complete your course from a reputed university chances are that you might fetch a high paying job ranging from $40,000 to $60,000 a year. Luckily, if your project becomes a hit, you can start making six figures per year.
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