Thursday, July 31, 2008

3D Animation Glossary : H

Tej kohli want to make young generation to choose their own way and having skills which according to market needs and requirement. Tej Kohli 3D animation glossary brings some technical terms which starts with word H.
Hard-Body Dynamics : Basically it has many meaning and know as many other words like some times pounced as rigid-body dynamics , hard body dynamics which can be used to simulate the
physical behaviour of rigid objects that do not deform upon collision.
Hardware Rendering : Sometimes called as display rendering , a 3D scene within the viewports on a 3D software which is basically hardware rendering preview. Which used for providing real time on-screen feedback about the effects of changes makes to the scene and omit processor intensive effects like volumetrics, shadowing and realistic refraction.
HDRI : Basically HDRI stands for ‘High Dynamic Range Image ‘ and which is a 2D image which used in a file format with greater range of luminance values which is greater than a standard Bitmap image HDR images are often used as environment maps in image-based lighting techniques to create subtle, real-world lighting effects.
Hierarchy : When we describe a model then the relationship between sub-objects , as like one scene to another scene . Existence of any sub-objects classifies as parents , children or even independents . There are motion in such a way that parents objects can effect child objects but child effects cannot affect parent objects.
History : While an 3D scene is created many object values had been changed as a record of the previous values of the object had saved and enable user to get previous view of the scene . This is called 3D animation objects history and most valuable during modeling process.
Hull : A series of straight lines connecting the CVs of a NURBS surface.
HDR/Rendering/HDRR: Also know as ‘High Dynamic Range ‘which is using for rendering 3D compute graphics scene by using lightning calculations done in high definition range . Basically it is new lighting model used to illuminate 3D worlds. Video and computer games and many animation movies for creating more realistic scenes than with conventional lighting models.
Heightmap : For three-dimensional data , grayscale image is used . Mostly used in bump mapping , displacement mapping and for for terrain mesh generation. . In a heightmap, the intensity of a pixel's color represents the height displacement of the mesh's corresponding coordinate. A white pixel represents the highest point in the map while a black pixel marks the lowest point in the map.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3D Animation Glossary : G

Tej kohli finds that animation now growing its feather and proving much of opportunity for every age person. Tej Kohli 3D Animation Glossary now defines words starts with word ‘G’.

Global Illumination
: It be radiosity or even ray tracing rendering techniques in wider sense . Basically it is a measurement for computing the all possible light interaction between surface while a scene is made for making true image which seems to be real time images . For this combination of all diffuse and specular reflection are used. For Global Illumination simulation many effects like that color bleeding caustics are also included.
Graph Editor : While we design an object in an imaging , many times shapes , shades and color of objects need to be changed . Making an object and for setting through various scene requires various attributes of objects be changed according to time while displayed graphically , in the form of F-Curve . For this special software are attached with GUI which are known as Graph Editor
Grime Map : Also known as ‘dirt maps’, grime maps are two-dimensional images applied to a particular channel of a material. When the image is projected across the surface of an object, it breaks up that channel’s flat, even value, creating realistic surface variations.
Group: A set of sub-objects within a model or scene that move and behave as a single entity, yet can still be split apart (ungrouped), if necessary. Most complicated models are constructed from several less complex parts that need to maintain the same spacing and orientation; grouping provides a way of locking the relative positions of the objects without joining them permanently.
GUI: Graphical User Interface. An iconbased interface that controls a 3D software package. Although the GUI varies from program to program, there are certain basic conventions
governing the layout of the main professional 3D applications.
Global illumination:
Family of algorithms wich, when determining the light falling on a surface, take into account not only the light which has taken a path directly from a light source (direct illumination), but also light which has undergone reflection from other surfaces in the world (indirect illumination).
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

3D Animation Glossary : F

Tej Kohli defines 3D animations mostly used technical terms which are started with Word ‘F’. Comprehensive guide for making career in 3D animation by Tej Kohli.

Face: The face usually defined as back and front of extruded object. Basically object which is used to make an 3D extruded object.
Fall-off : Basically it cab be di\fibed as diminishes of light intensity while the distance increase from the source . In matically its can be calculated inverse square law .that states “intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance.” But while we are considering 3D animation Fall-Off we have to do different type of calculations .

F-Curve : It’s an abbreviation of Function curve which is displayed in the Graph editor of 3D Software package which is used in animation process in many times like display and to control a particular attribute of an object with in different time frame
File Format : 3D object scene or or data making up in which format is stored are called File format . Basically now a day s only two types of 3D file format are available for storing object ,
like LWO which is also known as LightWave and the next one is 3DS format in 3ds max , containing geometry details and object surface properties. LWS and MAX are basically equivalents, because both contain global information about lighting animation and camera data .Some other widely used 3D Animation file format are DXF and IGES which are used in CAD and NURBS models .OBJ object format and cross platform FBX format developed by Kaydara for the interchange of motion data between 3D applications.
Flythrough : It is special type of animation in which camera moves around the scene, usually objects moving infront of stationary camera.
Forward Kinematics: It is also known as FK , which is character animation techniques used for controlling motion of bones in a chain , lets imagine a limb , for that rotation propagate from bone to bone towards the free end of the chain.
Frame: Frame is basically are two dimensional image , but while we are discussing in computer term . its be nothing but be ‘frames per second’ (fps) which measurement of number of images which be displayed per second to give the impression of moving image .Some features of Frames are film work, this value is usually 24; for the European PAL broadcast format, 25; and for the US NTSC broadcast format, 30 fps.

F-Stop The common term for the aperture setting (f-number) of a lens; the f-number is equal to the focal length of a lens divided by the diameter of the aperture
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3D Animation Glossary : E

Tej kohli animation glossary now define different definition which starts with letter “E”. According to Tej Kohli yet another terms exist that starts with ‘E’ but mostly used in 2-D animation . So here Tej Kohli choose only those which mostly used in 3-D animation.

Environment Map: While an image going to be implemented on computer. Some backgrounds or even real world lighting is used for making image more real and attractive that can be visible through every angle very sharp and clear. The whole projection which enclosed with scene known as Environment Map.
Expression: While an image built different formula is used for making this image through different angle, means mathematical which is used for calculating attribute of an object while the movement is concerns in keyframe animation also known as procedural alternatives.
Extrusion: It is basically a process of designing three dimension surface , in which two-dimensional outline or profile is duplicated outwards along a linear path, and the set of duplicated
Profiles joined to create a continuous three-dimensional surface.
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