Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Best animation Movies Ever #25 Batman: The Mask Of Phantasm

Tej Kohli animation career blog begins a new series of posts on the Top 25 animation movies ever made. In this post Tej Kohli has talked about a Batman movie, which changed the face of animation. The list will go on as more movies will be discussed in the upcoming posts, in an ascending order of popularity.

Long before the batman begins hit the theaters, this animated flick was the Dark Knight's best big screen movie. And some still argue that it is the best movie ever made.

Movie revolves around Bruce Wayne's past as Batman must stop a new rouge, Phantasm from killing Gotham's local mob population. The perpetrator and the crimes are related to Bruce's first and perhaps the last shot at true love, a relationship he was ready to leave the cowl for, it it meant a happy life.

Tragedy follows batman like a shadow, and when you add Mark Hamill's Joker into the story, the end product is one of the most dramatically satisfying films DC has ever made. Tej Kohli says the Phantasm is a wonderful nemesis, and when he removes the mask the reveal is both astonishing and justified. The climax of the film is set at an abandoned Gotham World Fair ground is outrightly epic and extremely violent, thanks for joker challenging batman to the fight for his life. Every character evil or good is connected by an event in their past. The movie completely exploits the outcomes of that event, especially the impact it has on Bruce.

With his films, Nolan nailed who the Dark Knight is. But Phantasm did it first.

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