Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3D Animation Glossary : G

Tej kohli finds that animation now growing its feather and proving much of opportunity for every age person. Tej Kohli 3D Animation Glossary now defines words starts with word ‘G’.

Global Illumination
: It be radiosity or even ray tracing rendering techniques in wider sense . Basically it is a measurement for computing the all possible light interaction between surface while a scene is made for making true image which seems to be real time images . For this combination of all diffuse and specular reflection are used. For Global Illumination simulation many effects like that color bleeding caustics are also included.
Graph Editor : While we design an object in an imaging , many times shapes , shades and color of objects need to be changed . Making an object and for setting through various scene requires various attributes of objects be changed according to time while displayed graphically , in the form of F-Curve . For this special software are attached with GUI which are known as Graph Editor
Grime Map : Also known as ‘dirt maps’, grime maps are two-dimensional images applied to a particular channel of a material. When the image is projected across the surface of an object, it breaks up that channel’s flat, even value, creating realistic surface variations.
Group: A set of sub-objects within a model or scene that move and behave as a single entity, yet can still be split apart (ungrouped), if necessary. Most complicated models are constructed from several less complex parts that need to maintain the same spacing and orientation; grouping provides a way of locking the relative positions of the objects without joining them permanently.
GUI: Graphical User Interface. An iconbased interface that controls a 3D software package. Although the GUI varies from program to program, there are certain basic conventions
governing the layout of the main professional 3D applications.
Global illumination:
Family of algorithms wich, when determining the light falling on a surface, take into account not only the light which has taken a path directly from a light source (direct illumination), but also light which has undergone reflection from other surfaces in the world (indirect illumination).
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