Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3D Animation Glossary : E

Tej kohli animation glossary now define different definition which starts with letter “E”. According to Tej Kohli yet another terms exist that starts with ‘E’ but mostly used in 2-D animation . So here Tej Kohli choose only those which mostly used in 3-D animation.

Environment Map: While an image going to be implemented on computer. Some backgrounds or even real world lighting is used for making image more real and attractive that can be visible through every angle very sharp and clear. The whole projection which enclosed with scene known as Environment Map.
Expression: While an image built different formula is used for making this image through different angle, means mathematical which is used for calculating attribute of an object while the movement is concerns in keyframe animation also known as procedural alternatives.
Extrusion: It is basically a process of designing three dimension surface , in which two-dimensional outline or profile is duplicated outwards along a linear path, and the set of duplicated
Profiles joined to create a continuous three-dimensional surface.
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