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Information on 3D Animation Courses - Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli animation Career blog brings you another useful piece of information on 3D animation. In this post Tej Kohli has discussed about the leading Animation programs and colleges around the world.

3D animation is a creative, hi-tech animation profession which requires specialized 3D animation programs. These programs are designed to train and educate students on how to create 3D animation effects and arrange them together to tell a story. These programs educate students on how to create 3D animation movies and other small projects. These animation programs are pretty much available in almost every country and typically last for as little as a few months to a full degree four year course.

Tej Kohli enlists some of the most influential animation schools in the world:

New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy allows students to choose from three options in the 3D animation programs. These options vary from a three-week program, to a four-week program and a full one year program. The classes for three-week animation program are held everyday during the week and teaches students the basic principles of animation. The four-week program option is for students who can't dedicate a complete year but want to learn the 3D animation basics on a hi-tech computer software. The one year program, on the other hand, is an all-encompassing program that goes a step ahead by training students on using the technical and artistic tools in 3D animation.

Vancouver Film School

Vancouver film school offers a one year animation program in 3D animation and visual effects. Students may choose pursue any one of the three specialization areas i.e. 3D animation, modeling and visual effects. Students will be awarded a diploma upon the completion of this program. This program covers a variety of subjects including history of animation, classical animation, 3D animation, concept development, story telling and digital compositing.

Cogswell Polytechnic College

Congswell Polytechnic college runs a program in digital art and animation that awards a Bachelor in Arts degree to students upon completion. Students may choose from four major specialization areas including 3D animation, entertainment design, game development and modeling. The 3D animation option offer courses like introduction to 3D animation, animation principles, character rigging, drawing animation and 2D animation.


Mildred-Elley's School of Digital Media Arts allows students to pursue a game design and 3D animation program. This program has two options – an undergraduate certificate or an associate's degree. Students can take classes either during the day, evening or on weekends and can complete their degree in as few as 16 months. Course covers drawing for digital media, 3D modeling, animation techniques, 3D character modeling and advanced 3D character rigging and animation.

Tej Kohli is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from San Jose, Costa Rica with a keen interest in 3D animation and its procedures. Keep reading Tej Kohli animation career blog for the most relevant information on 3D animation.

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