Thursday, July 22, 2010

2D Animation Versus 3D Animation - Tej Kohli

In present times when many well known Hollywood directors are choosing animation over live action, the future of this evolving art form looks promising and is here to stay. While the world of 3D animation is continually evolving, there are areas where 2D animation is still being done. The aim of the article is not to establish which one is better than the other, but to demonstrate what each type of animation adds to a project.

2D animation
To create a 2D animation, the artist make use of bitmap images that consists of colored blocks. These colored blocks, when placed side by side, creates an image or graphic.

3D animation
3D animation use computer generated lines, solids and surfaces to construct a 3-dimensional look. The finished product is a picture with visibly noticeable depth and spacial understanding, which is less prominent in a 2D image.

Limitations of 2D
In 2D animation, only one angle or side of a picture is visible at a time, rendering the image a flat appearance.

Limitations of 3D
The expertise needed to create 3D animation is much more difficult to learn as compared to those needed in 2D animation. Furthermore, the cost of producing a 3D image is more than 2D.

The Conclusion
Today, animators are using both 3D and 2D techniques to create several animation projects. Both 3D and 2D animations have been artistically merged together to become the benchmark that many animated projects will follow.

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