Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Animation Glossary : N

Learn the animation words begining with 'N' at Tej Kohli Animation Career Blog.

Negative Light
A light within a 3D scene that decreases the illumination on a surface instead of adding to it. Negative lights can be used to remove ‘overspill’ in brightly lit scenes.

An imaginary line drawn from the centre of a polygon (or other geometry object) at right angles to the surface.

A point within a 3D scene that does not render out, but which is used as a reference for other objects.

Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines. NURBS curves are two-dimensional curves whose shape is determined by a series of control points or CVs between which they pass. When a series of such curves are joined together, they form a threedimensional NURBS surface. Such surfaces have a separate co-ordinate space (known as UV co-ordinate space) to that of the 3D scene in which they are situated. NURBS are commonly used to model organic curved-surface objects.

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